All Souls Procession Images from Tucson, Arizona

The All Souls Procession is put on by the arts community of Tucson and is the largest of event of its type in North America every November.  It is also part of a great Mexican tradition called “Day of the Dead” and reflects the strong traditions from Mexico that have sprouted very strong seeds in the US. 

About 150,000 people came together to commemorate and honor the unity with those who have gone before us and extend a warm and open communion with anyone who wants to participate.  It is an opportunity to step outside the norms of everyday and be part of a masquerade where people show what they more truly feel inside.  This is a combination of mourning and celebration and in a sense is a "serious good time."  Participants prepare for months, in some cases. In other cases, they do their costume and make-up that day - all to be part of something bigger than themselves.

I went to Tucson to photograph the event and the people who participate in it.  As you can see it was a remarkable experience.  One of the pleasures was that people were delighted to have their photographs taken as part of their night.  These images are treasures brought back from that expedition.  Think about coming to Tucson for the 2016 edition – But be prepared for an even bigger crowd.  You will love it!