"Words and pictures can work together to communicate more powerfully than either alone."  William Albert Allard

Photography gives us a unique way to visually tell a story.  It provides a context, perspective and an array of details that gives us a unique take on our world.  Writing also tells a story by having every word evoke a particular facet of that story.  When photography and writing are brought together, we are able to create a richer, more complete story that we can share with the world.  

A camera is just a mechanical device.  It is the person behind the camera that creates an image that you will remember and be remembered by. It creates a stage for how we see ourselves and for how other people see us.  It our stamp, our brand.  A pen or keyboard is also just a mechanical device as well.  We bring both into play to make images and stories that take what is on the inside of the skin and bring it to the outside.  


Jay Chatzkel Photography is about travel photography and storytelling -   Travel photography tells stories of  People, Places and Things.  that is telling your story to make an impact. 


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