My home is in New River, a semi-rural area just north of Phoenix, Arizona, and one of the most beautifully diverse places in the world.  I became seriously involved in photography by just looking out my window during the day and wanting to capture the marvelous light, the unique things that grow here, and the unending variety of land forms.  

Over time, I felt I needed to see what I could use imagery and language to capture and present the story of all of the people, places and things I encounter.  My background is in writing as well and that led me to the kind of storytelling that William Albert Allard talks about when he says "words and pictures together communicate more powerfully than either alone."  That has become my mantra.  

Travel photography has become my overriding interest.  Storytelling in travel photography encompasses people, places and things.  The imagery might focus on one these, or it may involve all of them together to tell any one particular story.  My goal is to capture each of them in a way that in a way that the image becomes a communication touching someone on many levels.  The first is the visual, but with that comes striking a chord that creates a unique meaning for each individual. When I make images I also strive for something that will be a special experience whoever will be seeing them.  

Since a major part of my work is In commercial photography concept of "brand" in photography and storytelling is central. An important question in an image is that how you are seen is in reality how you are know, and that is, in fact, your brand.  It is what you as a person, your community or your business are about.  This makes photography a medium to share what you and your world are about - and it is my job to bring that out through images and language.

If you are interested in setting up a portrait session, arranging for a travel editorial or scheduling a commercial engagement to capture and promote your brand, please contact me at:

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